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Black History Month

February marks the celebration of Black History Month! It's during this month, that we take time to reflect, acknowledge and learn about all things related to Black history. This includes learning about some of the incredible inventions and accomplishments from many innovative black creators; as well as their impact on history. In addition to this, we also learn about important events, people, and even traditions all related to black history. For children, learning about each other's history can be extremely beneficial. They can begin to develop an appreciation for each other's viewpoints and celebrate one another's accomplishments, as well as culture. In this post, we list some tips, as well as give a list of some cool books to help children learn all about Black history!

Tips to help your children learn about Black history.

Read up- One of our first tips to help teach children about Black history is to be informed. Children will likely have many questions surrounding why we celebrate, who is being celebrated, why it's important and how has it impacted history. To help prepare yourself for all their questions, you can research and read up on the history. We also encourage you to have the children write down all their questions, and you both can read about the history together. This can give them a general understanding, while also opening up room for discussions about its relevance and if there has been new discoveries and additional information about what we might already have known.

Get interactive- Another great tip is to make learning about the history interactive. This can include looking up and participating in many different activities and events related to Black history. Many museums and libraries will host different activities and days related and celebrating Black history. You can take this opportunity, to make a day out of learning the history, people, and events that have occurred. You can also look up and plan out different trips to visit important sites related to different events and notable people. We also encourage you to take look for different books, crafts and any other interactive activities that can help the children learn.

Identify the importance - An important tip for teaching children about Black history is to identify and teach them the importance of the history, people, events and why we acknowledge and celebrate what we do. This includes identifying certain inventions, places, activities, movements; why they took place and why they mattered. It's important for children to connect and relate to what they are learning. Explain in terms that they can understand, how each subject changed and made history what we know today.

Encourage Appreciation -Children are naturally curious. Take any opportunities, to encourage them to learn more, and appreciate what they are learning. This can include having them think about things and people they enjoy, and how it can relate to Black history. Maybe they have favorite songs, tv shows or books that were created by black creators. Encourage them to seek out learning more about the things they love, and how it relates to Black history. Keep discussions open and honest about the importance of diversity, especially within the media, and how it can highlight and represent other people's experiences.

Identify relevance- One of the most important questions children can have when learning about history, is why do certain events and people matter? It's important to try to identify the relevance of each subject, not just to the past, but how it's relevant today. You can have the children research and compare our current history, to that of the past. Point out how different things influenced our lives. You can also keep relating any information you have, to what's happening today. What important people do we have, and how are they making an impact. Try to let your children connect ideas and concepts, and how it can influence our future.

Here are some awesome books to help you learn all about Black History!

1. I Am Rosa Parks By Brad Meltzer

2. Have You Thanked an Inventor Today? By Patrice McLaurin

3. Come Look With Me: Discovering African American Art For Children By James Haywood Rolling Jr.

4. Little Leaders: Black Women In History By Vashti Harrison

5. I Am Harriet Tubman By Brad Meltzer

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