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Construction paper Rainbows

Things you will need: You can purchase everything you will need for these construction paper rainbow crafts at, you can order using our links!

Construction paper


Markers, Crayons and paint

Construction paper Spelling rainbow


1. Cut Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple paper into small pieces.

2. Use a glue bottle to write the word RAINBOW, if doing this lesson with a preschooler, they can write it or at least some of the letters. Telling or asking the child what letters are in the word rainbow.

3. Place the construction paper pieces onto the glue to cover the word rainbow. If you have violet and indigo paint, you can paint a white piece of paper, or if you have violet and indigo paper, you can use each color of the rainbow to spell the word.

4. Put 6 drops of glue on the bottom of the paper.

5. Glue a piece of red, Orange, yellow, green, blue and purple paper onto the glue drops.

6.Let it dry.

Draw your own rainbow

- Provide children with crayons, markers, or paint and paper. Allow children to make their own rainbow, adding what they want to complete the picture.

Glue together your own rainbow

- Have your child cut Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple paper into small pieces. Then have the child make a rainbow with glue. Next, have them glue on the pieces of paper in order to make a rainbow. Let it dry and display it!

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