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Easter Basket Candy Alternatives

If you love the idea of fun and interesting Easter baskets, but you are hesitant about filling them up with candy, then you're in luck! We've generated a list of alternative Easter Basket fillers, for those of us who want to give a little more than just a sweet treat for the children.

1. Baskets based on your children's interest or hobby.

Do your children have a particular interest in a character?, an activity? or hobby? Then you can create a basket out of it! If your child is into art, fill their baskets with supplies such as paint, sketchpads and markers. If they are into a certain sport, find fillers that they can use when they are out practicing or playing, such as gloves and mitts or small balls. We've created a gardening basket, based on the character Peppa Pig.

2. Sensory Basket

Looking for a basket for your younger children, or a more engaging basket? Try a sensory basket. You can fill the basket up with items that stimulate and calm your child, while also helping them to develop fine and gross motor skills. This can include items such as:

- play doh,

-squeeze balls


-slime kits

-silly putty

- musical instruments and bells

-shakers and rattles

-bendable craft sticks


-felt fabric and foam pieces

-decorative eggs

3. Educational Basket

Do you want a basket that is just as fun as it is educational? Why not try basket fillers that help contribute to the different ways in which your children can learn. You can choose supplies such as:



-shape blocks

-coloring books

-small reading books

-rubix cubes

-numbered or lettered eggs

-chalk, paint and other decorative art supplies

-board games


4. Inexpensive toys.

You can decide to mix and match any of the fillers we've listed above, while also incorporating small inexpensive toys. With this, your children can still have the opportunities to learn and take part in some of their favorite interest, while also being able to enjoy fun toys that doesn't have to cost that much. Some ideas for toys can include:

-small stuffed animals


-paddle ball

-small stamper (with characters or shapes)

-small rubber figurines

-bouncy balls and jacks

-whistles and kazoos

-jump rope

-toy cars/ dolls


-foam balls

If you are still debating about including candy, one idea could be to make a basket that isn't focused on candy, but hide one "golden" egg for a small special treat.

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