Healthy Eating Recipes

Figuring out different meals can be tough, especially when trying to focus on eating healthy. When it comes to children, it can be even more difficult. Healthy eating is especially important for children, in that there are many essential vitamins and nutrients that contribute to healthy development. This post features twenty healthy meals that you can make for your children.


1. Muffins Toddler Muffins (Easy Muffin Recipe for Kids) | The Worktop

We have done an example of this first recipe for you. This is an easy to do healthy muffin recipe for toddlers. You can include any fruit or vegetable you want, and even add yogurt and different toppings to mix it up.

Step one: Gather all of your ingredients. Follow the ingredient list on the website. You will need basic ingredients for the muffin base, but can add additional ingredients such as any fruit and vegetable combo, with toppings that you desire.

Step two: Add all of your dry ingredients. We decided to make the apple cinnamon muffin. You can let your children help measure out how much of each ingredient you will need. They can also take turns pouring each ingredient in the bowl.

Step three: Add your wet ingredients. We've included organic milk and eggs.

Step four: Add your fruit and veggies.

Step five: Mix and pour the ingredients into a muffin pan. You can have the children help in mixing, and even count how many minutes until the muffins are finished cooking.

Step six: Enjoy! We added yogurt and chocolate chips as different toppings. Each made for a delicious muffin! An extra tip would be to have the children pick different toppings they want to add. You can even make a game out of making different faces with the toppings

This is one, of the many healthy recipes we have chosen. We have also included allergy friendly recipes as well. You can make these with your children, and have fun while still being healthy.

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