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Learning with music

It's national music month! Music is incredibly important for any child, or even adult. Many of us are introduced to music at an early age. It affects people in a variety of different ways. Music can help in reducing our stress, helping us focus, and even expressing ourselves. It can also be used as a great tool to help with learning. When you incorporate music into any lesson or subject, you have an opportunity to not only remember and practice what you're learning, but also

have fun while doing it. In this post, we talk about some of the different ways music can help children learn!

Speech- One way music can help children learn, is with their speech. When listening and singing along to music, children have an opportunity to practice their sounds, make different noises, and even practice sounding out words. They hear what the word is, and try to make it out themselves.

Vocabulary- Another way music can help children learn, is with their vocabulary. By using music to help teach children certain words, they can begin to develop an understanding of the word, the context in which we use the word, and other similar or dissimilar words.

Numbers- Music is a great tool, when learning all about numbers. With numbers, you have different list, sequences, and patterns. Music can help with counting, addition, subtraction, and the overall order of different subjects.

Subjects- You can use music to help remember a variety of different subjects. Music can help children identify identify certain things, such as animals, reactions, actions, colors and the overall world around them.

Routine and Memory- Using music to help with going over a routine, or remembering certain order of events, can be very beneficial. Your children have a chance to help practice, and display what they know, in a way that is engaging, and not critical.

List- In addition to routine, music also helps with learning all about list. It can help children practice going over what order things come in, while also recognizing chronological orders.

Motor and Muscle skills- One of the last ways music can help children learn, is by incorporating it into their physical activity. Music can help children with recognizing how to be active in different ways to move around, while also helping build onto different motor and muscle skills.

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