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May Flower

It's finally May! What a better time than now, to appreciate the beauty of our May flowers. Not only are flowers nice to look at, but they bring many benefits for our environment, while providing food for our insects and other animals. There are countless easy and creative activities you can do with flowers, while also learning all about them. Here is a list of some of our favorite flower arts and crafts.

1. Hand traced flower

Have children create their own flowers out of their hands. Using different colored construction paper and markers or crayons, trace your hand. Cut out the hand and paste it on a different colored paper. You can do this multiple times, until the page is filled with numerous hand flowers. Last, have the children decorate the flowers as they please.

2. Flower petal painting

For this you will need real flowers, paint and construction paper. Have the children explore the flowers with their hands, and collect their various petals. Using the paint, dip each petal, and see if they can make any designs they want on the paper. They can also use the whole flower to dip, and make stamps of it on the paper.

3. Construction paper flower

For this activity, have the children draw different shapes as petals on multi colored construction paper. You can ask them if they can draw circles, triangles or squiggles. Make sure each shape is connected overall into a circular flower bulb. Next, cut out each flower, as well as having the children draw and cut out stems and leafs. Finally, put the flowers together on one page.

4. Cut and Glue flower

Use leftover strips of construction paper to create your own flower collage. You can do this activity, by drawing out flowers, or using a printout flower template. Have the children mix and match their colors to create beautiful rainbow petals.

5. Parts of a flower

In this activity, you can either pick or buy your flowers. For older children with parental guidance, you can have them research the different types of flowers they find, or the ones you have bought. For younger children, have them explore the flowers. You can dissect the flower into different parts, and even tape the parts onto a piece of paper. Ask the children if they are able to label each part correctly. With younger children, they can focus on the sensory aspect of the flowers, seeing how each part feels different from the rest. You can use printable flower templates, and have the children color the flowers, while also trying to identify the different types.

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