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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day! There are many different ways that you can celebrate this day. If you are having a hard time coming up with special gifts ideas, and looking for an activity to do with your children, then you might like the list we put together. Here are some of our favorite gifts to make and give on mother's day.

1. Still life paint flowers

For this gift, all you need is paint, construction paper and flowers. You can put the flowers in a vase, and have the children try to paint what they see. While painting, you can ask them to count how many flowers they see. In addition to this, you can also ask them to mix colors to create the flowers. It's simple and easy to do. Afterwards, you can have the children sign the picture, and then frame it.

2. Clay hand print

You will need:

oven bake or air dry clay



A straw (to poke ribbon holes in clay)

Have the children roll out a portion of the clay. You can choose to make a simple square or circle, or they can even make the clay into the shape of a heart. Gently press their hand to form an imprint in the clay. Next, take the straw and poke two holes at the top of the clay spaced apart for the ribbon. Bake the clay according to its instructions, or leave it out to dry and harden. Once the clay has hardened, let the children paint over their imprint. Finally thread the ribbon through the holes you have made and tie it together.

3. Construction paper cards

The children can make this as simple and colorful as you want. Decide what the children want to include in their cards. You can give them helpful suggestions, such as flowers, hearts, butterflies or shapes. Take one medium sized paper as the base of your card, and have the children fold it in half. Next, you can use multi colored construction paper to cut out shapes to help make their chosen items. Finally, glue everything together. For older children, they can try to make a popup card by tracing the same shape and cutting it out on multiple pieces of paper. Fold down, and glue each shape onto one another in the middle of the card. The children can even glue on extra items such as bows and pom poms, and write messages on each item to make the cards come to life.

4.Canvas painting

This is another simple gift. All you need is a canvas and paint. Have the children come up with what they want to paint. They can go abstract, or paint what they think mom will like. For older children, you can ask if they want to paint their favorite memory with mom, such as going to the beach, or the family pet. There's tons of different ways they can paint as well. If you don't mind getting messy, they can try the pouring method, where they can create colorful designs by dripping different colored paint in different sections of the canvas. You can also use various sized "stampers", such as cotton balls and have them dip them into the paint and stamp them over the canvas

5. Hand print stamp flowers

For this gift, you can use paint, or a stamp pad to create "hand print" flowers. This gift is a great choice to do with infants or young children, because not only will you be able to capture your young child's small hand prints forever, but they will also be able to use this activity as a sensory activity. Pour a small amount of paint in a bowl or plate. Guide your child's hand with the paint, and have them make prints on a medium sized construction paper in front of them. You can make as many hand print stamps as you want. Afterwards, you can use green makers to draw, or paint to dip their fingers in, and have them create "stems".

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