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Solo Cup Planting

Indoor Gardening

Using clear solo cups for indoor gardening makes growing your own food an exciting learning experience! The clear cups allows children to see the roots of the plants, so they're able to get a better understand of the parts of the plant and how the grow.

To use solo cups to plant there are 5 things you will need:

1. Clear solo cups (reg solo cups will work but you miss out on seeing the roots)

2. Seeds

3. Soil

4. Craft sticks, plant labels or masking tape and a marker

5. Space near a window which gets sunlight

To plant using a solo cup there are 10 steps:

1.Decide what you want to grow

2. Make a label for what you are growing

3.Fill the solo cup to the top 3rd from top line with soil.

4. Insert label in back of cup or stick the tape across the front.

5. Use finger to make hole, no deeper than an adults knuckle.

6. Insert two seeds in the hole and cover the seeds

7. Gently pat to flatten the top

8. Water

9. Place near a window so it can get sunlight.

10. Transplant the plant into a larger pot or outside so it can continue to grow

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