Winter Fun!

This post will feature 5 Winter themed lesson for infant-school aged children!

1. Snow fun!

A simple and great snow activity for infants is to bring some snow inside and allow them to explore it! This helps them to learn the feeling of cold and wet! If there's no snow outside, make your own!

Toddlers and school-aged children can enjoy making their own snow and infants will love explore the feeling of the homemade "snow" below is a recipe for making your own snow!

To make your own snow you need:

- 1 cup baking soda

- 1 cup shaving cream

or for taste test safe

-1 cup Flour

-1 cup Corn starch

-1/4 cup Vegetable oil

Making your own "snow" is a great science experiment for preschoolers and school-aged children as they can explore how and why the mixture feels and looks like snow as well as, the differences between the mixture and real snow.

2. Make some letters!

A fun way to turn a snow day into a learning activity for a toddler is to make letters in the snow! Children learning to spell can make words! If there's not snow outside, make your own or use some salt!

3. Marshmallow fun!

Marshmallows can be used for many activities and are perfect for winter since the resemble the look of snow and make a great addition to hot cocoa! Here are 3 simple and fun activities to do with marshmallows!

1. Compare sizes- using large, medium and small marshmallow have your toddler sort them by size! Another way to use multiple size marshmallows for a math activity is to make a pattern with them!

2. Make a snowman: Snack- using thee marshmallows, 4 pretzel sticks, and chocolate chips! Craft- use 3 marshmallows and markers to create your own snowman or snow woman!

3. Make your name or the first letter of your name with marshmallow- Use marshmallow and glue to make your name or the first letter of your name!

4. Let's make some slime!

Looking for something fun and not afraid of a little mess? Let's make some slime! Toddlers will need to be closely supervised as they will likely throw or drop the slime, turning a little mess into a huge mess.

Colored slime:

- 3/4 cup flour

- 4oz of water

- Food coloring- color of your choice! I recommend starting with 5 drops then adding more if you want a deeper color!

To make the colored slime you just mix the flour, water and food coloring together! If you want to make the slime a little thicker add flour, I would do about 1/4 cup or less to avoid making it too thick. If you want feel the slime is too thick add a little water!

5. Let's get physical!

Being stuck indoors for a long period of time can lead to an overload of energy especially in toddlers! Here are some fun ways to get activate indoors!

Animal exercises: have children do each exercise for 1 minute and rest for 15 seconds in between. A great way to make the rest fun is to tell them, they are sleeping animals.