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Our Programs

Our Teaching Style/Curriculum

We believe in Creativity and using music and art as a teaching tool.  We use an unstructured learning environment for Early Childhood Education, as the primary structure of the learning environment.  However, we also recognize the need to teach structure, especially to children preparing for Grade School. The philosophies of  Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, B.F Skinner, Lev Vygotsky have inspired our teaching style and curriculum, as well as, personal experience with children and the 21st-century skills.

Early Childhood Education


For our in-home and virtual Early Childhood Education classes, we offer a free trial class. We offer a free trial class in order to get to know the child and to get a better understanding of the child's abilities. Every child learns at their own pace and takes an interest in different things. We create individualized lesson plans based on their needs and interests. We are also open to parent's input as to what skills they would like us to work on!

We also offer virtual and in-person tutoring for children in K-3rd grade and classes to help improve their academic skills. 

Our Family Childcare center is located in Pennsauken, NJ. Our center offers full-time and part-time childcare and early learning for children 6 weeks to 3 years old. Unlike large-scale childcare centers, our family childcare center will have no more than 5 children at a time. This is also a mixed age class so children learn from each other and the small group allows for individualized lesson plans. 

Our new Preschool/Pre-k Center will be located minutes from our Family Childcare Center. This program will be more structured and prepare children for Kindergarten. This center will also provide before and after school care starting at 6am and ending at 6pm. 

Information Technology 

Our Information Technology classes start at 6 years old and work on a variety of computer skills. Our class range from basic/intro classes to intermittent classes. Below is a list of some of the skills we work in our information technology classes:


  • Basic computer skills which work on typing and other basic computer skills

  • Typing and basic computer skills

  • Using a search engine for research

  • How to safely handle computer parts

  • Identifying parts of a computer

  • Finding cost-efficient parts

  • Understanding the prices of building computers base models-Top of the line gaming computers.

  • The basics of how to put a computer together

  • Becoming familiar with the Scratch block-based programming language

  • Learning important computer science concepts, like events, sequencing, and loops.

  • Creating an animation project in Scratch

  • Becoming familiar with CS First and Scratch

  • Creating a story with scratch

* In addition to our Information Technology class, we also offer computer repair and upgrades!

Knitting Classes

​We offer knitting classes starting at 3-years-old and continuing through adult and elder learners!

  • Intro to Basic stitch: One lesson which lasts about an hour, enough yarn to make a scarf and knitting needles. $20 a class


  • Basic two-color stitch: One Lesson which is about an hour-long $10 a class


  • Zig Zag Stich: One Lesson which is about an hour-long $10 a class


  • Loom Knitting: Round or Rectangle Loom knitting lessons about 30 mins each $10 a class


We will be hosting knitting groups for knitters of all ages to come together! One of our goals is to have a multi-generational knitting class -- a group for seniors and children to come together! These groups will be free for those who already know how to knit and have their own needles and yarn. If you need instruction, needles or yarn, it’ll be $5-$10 depending on what you need.

Want to know more about our programs and what we offer?

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