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Cardboard City

Building your very own city, can be an awesome activity for children of multiple ages! You can also use this activity to help children learn and discover more things about their own town.

Things you will need:

-Cardboard boxes

-Construction paper

-Markers/colored pencils/crayons


-glue or tape

- toy cars

- top of egg cartons


1. Plan your city- you can go into more details, the older the child is. What will you make? What's in your town/city?

2. Construct and label your buildings. If the children are making their house. This is a great opportunity to practice your home and street address. Have your child try to describe their house. How many windows does it have?

3. put your city together. What kinds of buildings does your city have?

4. Drive around and explore your city!

If they made the city to represent their own town, you can ask them questions about the community. What are some of their favorite places to visit? Depending on the child's age, can they navigate through the city?

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