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Dr. Seuss

This week marks the beginning of "Read Across America". What is a better day to start this week, than with celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday! Dr. Seuss was an incredible writer and illustrator, who dedicated the later years of his life to educating and entertaining children. Through his stories, people were able to connect, learn, and explore the wonders of life. Each year we celebrate Dr. Seuss, and all of his accomplishments and messages he had for the world. In this post we

have four fun activities that you can do with your children to help celebrate Dr. Seuss. We also have a list of some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books for you and your children to enjoy!

"Green Eggs and Ham Sensory Bottle"

Our first activity, is our Dr. Seuss sensory bottle. This bottle is based off of one of his most famous stories, "Green Eggs and Ham". In this story, our character refuses to eat a simple meal. In this activity, your infant can explore a simple sensory bottle filled with green water and oil. You can use any recycled bottle, making sure it has a cap. fill it half way with water and add your green food dye. Then add 3 tablespoons of cooking oil. Your infant can have fun shaking the bottle, and watching the oil and water reactions. You can also add dish soap, glitter, and other fun items to see how they interact with each other.

"Thing one and Thing two hand prints"

For this activity, you can have fun letting your children make their very own "thing one and thing two" painted hand prints. Thing one and two are two of the most interesting characters from cat in the hat. Together they get into more things than they can handle, and eventually are captured back in their box. You can capture your child's hand prints in this adorable craft. All you will need is a medium sized paper, red, blue and white paint, markers and construction paper. Start off by gently placing your children's hands in the blue paint. Press an imprint of their hand onto the paper. Next, press their hands in the red paint, and make an additional impression with the fingers facing opposite of the blue hands. Take your construction paper, and cut out two small circles. Label your circles as "thing one" and "thing two". attach your circles using tape or glue and now you have your imprints!

"Fox in Socks painting"

This next activity, is simple and easy to do. Your children can explore colors and paint, with this adorable fox in socks painting. "Fox in Socks" is an incredibly entertaining book filled with tons of tongue twisting rhymes. Your children can fill their pages and get as creative as they want with their fox and socks paintings! To start, you can either have them draw their foxes and socks, or you can print out a coloring page. Supply your kids with different colored paint, and let them decorate! You can show them different painting techniques, or try your hand at helping them mix and match all their colors, to create a funky fun fox. As they paint, ask them to name all the colors that they use, and see if they can make their own cool rhymes!

"One Fish, Two Fish.. foot imprints"

In this last activity, your children can make their own One Fish Two Fish imprints, using their feet. One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, is one of Dr. Seuss's most popular books. The book centers on two characters who have fun exploring and going over each of their pets. Your children can explore their colors and numbers using this activity. Start off by using a medium sized sheet on construction paper as your base. You can use either paint, or additional multi-colored construction paper for your fish. carefully trace your feet onto each of the papers and cut them out. If you're using paint, carefully make an imprint of each of the colors you have. Next to each foot print, write out the type it is using the one fish two fish rhyme. You can keep it to the original rhyme, or make your own! This is a great way for your children to have fun rhyming, recognizing their colors and being creative. Once you have finished, use a marker or black paint, to decorate the feet into little fish.

We hope you had fun creating your very own personal Dr. Seuss book crafts!. Here is a list of some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books!

1. Mr. Cow Can Moo! Can You?

2. Fox In Socks

3. The Cat in the Hat

4. ABC

5. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

6. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

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