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Geography Books

Children will always be curious about their surroundings and the world around them. There will be many occasions where they will have a lot of questions about why certain things are the way that they are. When it comes to Geography, there are many subjects to cover within the study itself. You can help introduce basic Geography concepts to your children at an early age.

Below are a list of some books to help teach children all about Geography.

1. There's a Map on My Lap!: All About Maps (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) by Tish Rabe

This is a great book that introduces children to basic concepts surrounding maps. The information they include about maps, varies from the different types, how we read them, how to read them, and information that can be found on them.

2. Me on the Map by Joan Sweeny

This book is filled with cute and colorful illustrations that detail how children can find where they live, and how their location fits into the rest of the world. Details are shown step by step, in an easy to read and grasp way.

3. What do You See Around the World, a Look and Find Book - PI Kids by Kath Broderick

Children take a trip around the world with this exciting book, that details various things they can find in different countries. Bright illustrations guaranteed to interest even the youngest of readers.

4. A Life Like Mine: How Children Live Around the World by DK

For older children, this book details the lives of various children around the world. It tackles subjects such as providing water and resources. This book is great in depicting the cultural aspects of geography, including providing information on health, education, and environmental differences of children of the different countries.

5. Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas by Jane Chrisholm and Helen Lee

An interactive book that lets children explore different aspects of countries around the world. Children will gain knowledge about the history and sights to see of the world. It includes facts about buildings, animals and the people of various countries and continents.

6. Follow the Line Around the World by Laura Ljungkvist

In this fun book, children follow a line that beautifully illustrates the importance of our Earth and its' creatures. This book explores animals around the world in their natural habitats, as well as details plant life.

7. Where Do I Live? by Neil Chesanow

In this book, children will gain an understanding of where they are placed in the world. Starting off simple from where they are located in their own neighborhoods, increasing to their state and so on. This book goes in depth and details how each place is divided, going all the way into space.

8. Continents of the world for kids:Geography for kids: World Continents by Nishi Singh

This book details the continents of the world, as well as provide information about the type of climate, environment, and the people and their history. This book also sheds light on our world, with a focus on environmental health.

9. The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer

A fun and interesting book about the many sea creatures you can find in the ocean. This book has bright and vibrant illustrations, along with many facts that give children a broader knowledge of just exactly what takes place in the deep blue.

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