Happy St Patrick's Day!

Today is a perfect opportunity to use the holiday theme to entertain and educate your children. This post will feature activities for Infants through school aged children.


Things you will need:

- Green Paint

- Blue paint

- Paper

-paint brushes

- Ziplock bag


Exploring green paint is a great sensory activity. For younger infants (under 6 months), put green paint in a ziplock bag, and have them explore it, as they're on the floor. For older infants(6-12 months), they can work on sitting or sit on their own (depending on the child's abilities), and explore green paint on a piece of paper. They can use their hands, or you can provide them with a paint brush.

Skills: Sensory, Creative Expression, Fine motor


Young toddlers (1-2 years old), can paint a picture using green paint. Work with your child on holding a paint brush, but also allow them to create their own artwork even if they have to use their hands. It may get a little messy, but it's fun and encourages creativity, as well as helps develop confidence when a child is allowed to make their artwork! For older toddlers (2-3 years old), have the child hold paintbrush and paint a picture, then provide them with a new piece of paper and blue paint. Help them mix the blue and green paint, to make cyan (a shade of blue). Finally allow them to make a picture with the newly created cyan paint!

Skills: Fine motor, creative expression, science

Preschoolers (3-4 years old)

Have children paint 1 green thing on a piece of paper then add 2 more green things, then count how many greens things they made altogether!

Skills: Creative expression, math, fine motor


Have children paint a picture of something green, then have them paint the letter it starts with.

Skills: Creative expression, language, fine motor


Skills: Language, Social-emotional, Social studies

Reading is a fun activity, that can have many benefits. There's a lot of wonderful books surrounding St. Patrick's day, and here's a list of a few of our favorites. You can purchase the books by clicking on the pictures of them below! As an Amazon associate, we will receive payment for purchases made using our links.

What Is St. Patrick's Day?

Non-fiction for preschool-Kingergarden

This book answers questions that kids may have about St. Patrick's day. It's easy to read, while providing information such as why we wear green, how do we celebrate the holiday, and who was St. Patrick.

Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun chase

For ages: 2 - 5 yrs

This wacky book involves a cat named Pete, who has opened up a leprechaun catching business. You can join in on his adventure on catching Clover; the trickiest of the leprechauns. This book also includes a lot of goodies, such as a poster, stickers and your very own St. Patrick's Day cards.