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Healthy Eating Activity

When you introduce healthy eating early to children, they can begin to develop a positive and healthy relationship with food. This relationship can lead children into making the right eating choices that is beneficial to their development. Sometimes, it is not just about what types of meals the children should be eating, but giving the children basic information about plants, vegetables, and fruits. This includes identifying the different parts that we are able to eat, and how they can help us. Below, are some fun and informational healthy eating activities, as well as a worksheet, and books about plants and healthy eating.

1. Parts of plants we eat activity.

Make your own plant using other plant parts. This activity is a fun way to help children better understand plants, and how their individual pieces can help keep us healthy.

This activity can be done using real food, a worksheet or making a book. Why not try all three?!

To do this activity with real food, you will need:

- A flower

- fruit

- stem

- root

- seed

- leaf

If any of the parts are missing, that's fine too! Just be sure to mention the missing part. For example, below we are missing a leaf. After making the plant, we talked about spinach, and how it's a leaf.

For this plant, we used organic pumpkin seeds, carrots, celery, broccoli and apple slices. We used the pumpkin seeds for the seeds, carrots for the root, celery for the stem, broccoli for the flower and apple slices for the fruit. While eating this yummy plant, we talked about the missing part, the leaf. We mentioned that spinach is a leaf that we eat.

To create this plant we use carrots for the roots, organic pumpkin seeds for the seeds, broccoli for the stem and flower, then apple slices for the fruit. We talked about the missing leaf and named some leaves we eat.

2. Parts of the plant we eat book.

For this activity you can print the book template or create your own custom book!

For this book we organized it by parts. You can organize the book anyway you want so, be creative!

Made the book like a chapter book using list of parts as a table of contents.

Another way to do this is, to use a single plant and focus on the different parts of it we eat. If you do this activity a few times with different plants, you could make a chart of what parts you can eat of each plant.

3. There is also a fruit and veggie clip art coloring page on this link which can be printed, colored and used to sort what parts of each fruit and veggie we eat.

Toddlers can sort the fruit and veggies by color and count them. Preschoolers can practice writing the name of the fruits and veggies by tracing them. Grade school children can chart the parts of the fruit or veggie we eat, add fruit and veggies together, and write the names of the fruit and veggies.

You can also use the clip art to teach the names of the plants to a toddler. Point to the fruit or vegetable, then say the name and give the child a chance to repeat it. If they know the word, they can name it, then color it the correct the color they want. You can talk to them about the real color, using a picture or the actual fruit and vegetable.

These clip arts can also be used to make a book!

Here are some books related to plants and healthy eating

1. Are You What You Eat? by DK

2. Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

3. All about Edible Plants in Your Neighborhood | Children's Science & Nature by Baby Professor

4. Fruits and Vegetables (coloring book) by T.M. Hazel

Check out "Eat Your Vegetables" by Little Baby Bum Nursery Rhyme Friends for a sing along song!

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