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Helpful Science books

Learning about science can be fun and incredibly interesting. There are so many subjects and ideas within science to explore. A lot of these ideas help teach us about the world around us, and how different events taking place and their reactions shape our environment. If you are unsure of where to begin, we have created a list of some helpful books about Science.

Toddler Books:

1. Baby robot: A Beep -buzz, Light-up Story! by DK

Explore the day in the life a a baby robot. This story is easy to read and follow. It will entertain and your child with it's pages filled with lights, noises and buttons , and even a small screwdriver to help your robot recharge.

2. No. No Dinos! by Kate Stone

A fun peek-a-boo book filled with pull tabs that allow your children to open and close the dinosaurs mouth and reveal what they should and shouldn't eat.

3. Baby Touch and Feel: Animals by DK

This book captures kids attention with cuddly and soft pages filled with various types of animals. They can explore and develop their fine motor skills as they skim through the pages and textures, while learning about different and cute creatures.

Pre-school Books:

1. Pop-up Dinosaurs: A Pop-Up Book to Get Your Jaws Into by Roger Priddy

This picture book is packed with many fun and exciting pop-up pages and rhymes about dinosaurs. Vibrant colors and easy to carry around for any child.

2. Little Cloud Board book by Eric Carle

Join the journey of a little cloud and read along as it changes shape and size moving throughout the sky. This is small book perfect for young children. It also includes many textured illustrations of clouds, while exploring all the shape and sizes they come in.

3. Elmo Can...Taste! Touch! Smell! See! Hear! (Sesame Street) by Michaela Muntean

Join Elmo as he explores the five senses. This book is sturdy and colorful, as it depicts Elmo in recognizing himself in the mirror, smelling fresh cut grass and other curious discoveries.

School-age Books:

1. Volcanoes! That Go Boom by Speedy Publishing

An exciting book that is guaranteed to capture your child's attention. Filled with many eye-catching photos that depict Volcanic activity. This book also provides a basic understanding of Volcanoes, with quick and easy facts.

2. The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder by Mark Cassino

Engaging book, that tackles questions we have about snow, such as where does snow come from? How is snow formed? What shapes are in snow crystals? This book is great for older children who want to explore their curiosity about snow. It also includes clear photos and easy to understand diagrams.

3. Human Body Activity Book for kids: Hands on Fun for grades k-3 by Katie Stokes

This book is extremely helpful in communicating facts and information that most curious kids will have about their body. It's interactive and filled with colorful pages depicting the inner workings of our anatomy .

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