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Using music to teach!

Musical learning is one of the most overlooked educational standards. It is an incredibly helpful teaching tool, because it has a focus on multiple subjects, including Math, Language, Social studies and Science. What many people do not realize, is that music exposure is necessary for well-rounded brain development; not to mention it's also a lot of fun! Think about how easy it is to remember song lyrics, compared to just about anything else you've read or heard. Now imagine a young child dancing and engaging with songs about their colors, ABCs, spelling, Science and geography. You can get creative and use the tune of songs your child already knows to help them learn!

Here are some ideas for musical activities to do with your child(ren):

Name songs for helping them learn to spell their name- This link will give you some ideas for tunes to use based on the number of letters in your child's name

"Wheels on the bus- Where are we going?" Use the tune of wheels on the bus to learn about different locations in your community! Start with "The wheels on the bus go round, and round. round and round. the wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town/city" then say "The bus stops at you address (#), your house number, your house number. The bus stops at your full street address" for example if your address was 123 10th street, you would sing "The bus stops at 123, 123, 123. The bus stops at 123 10th street." Then you can sign "I get on the bus, the bus, the bus. I get on the bus to go to 'a place in your town/city' " keep going until the bus returns back to your address.

Learn letter sounds with a song like this

For learning about states of matter you can use the following song:

These are just some quick examples I was able to find or think of. There are endless possibilities!

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